Saturday, October 14, 2017

Welcome to my LaughHub ✌.  Here we will do 
our best to keep a straight face 😆 HA-HA-HA
Try not to laugh, bet you WILL  !  
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Oh Jack...

He He ;p

Recap for our dearly beloved Mayor of Toronto Canada one day in the past....

Next we spotlight a few 
 ===> "Un-Released Scenes" <===
to the public Never seen before
 between some old friends we grew up and loved.

Let's listen in to a serious debate between Senators 

And one more 

Say WHA ??

Here we have more RAW UN-Released footage 

Now We will move on for some inspiring words from our friends over near the 'Twilight" ......

Dj Liquidn8v Music

How about some High School Musical deleted song


And No, How could we forget about our World Saving Avengers


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